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Lowering emissions to improve air quality and working conditions in manufacturing facilities does not require sacrificing performance or the bottom line. Valspar Aquaguard reduces emissions from the container coating process by 72% while improving corrosion protection. Zinc free solutions allow manufacturers to significantly reduce energy costs and insurance premiums while improving working conditions, resulting in an average savings of $20.00 per container.*

*Actual savings will vary. Contact Valspar for an individual savings assessment.

Savings Calculator

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   (minimum 50,000 units)


Save Energy and Money

  • Less energy used during coating process
  • Reduced Insurance Rates with lower solvent and zinc levels
  • Reduce Hazardous Waste Storage and Transport Costs because of lower solvent levels
  • Fewer Line Expenses with 2-step versus 3-step process
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption when Valspar Aquaguard is transported – lower product weight allows up to 43% more to be loaded on delivery truck
  • Lower Fuel Consumption when Valspar Aquaguard – coated containers are transported—nearly 50 lbs lighter than solvent-coated containers



Nearly 100,000 tons of volatile organic compounds are emitted every year. Valspar Aquaguard reduces emissions by no less than 72%:



Improved Corrosion Performance (PDF 725Kb)



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